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Whether you are leaving your car at the airport whilst you travel or picking up or dropping off a passenger, the airport offers a number of convenient parking options.


Parking Space Availability

Find out the available parking spaces from the below live information feed.

Location Availability
Terminal 1 212 View location map
Terminal 2 165 View location map
Terminal 3 775 View location map
Garden Parking 131 View location map

Our ultramodern, multi-storey car park conveniently located within walking distance of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 has covered, temperature controlled parking bays and air conditioned pedestrian walkways to both terminals - must during the summer months.

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Where do I park?

If you know which terminal you are flying from, work out the car park you should use based on the duration of your trip.
Up to 3 days4 days or moreUp to 60 days
Short Term, shaded parking is only a short walk from each terminal.Mid Term parking is a short distance from each terminal.Long Term parking is available at Terminal 2.
Terminal 1Terminal 1 car parkTerminal 1 car parkTerminal 2 car park and Garden parking
Terminal 2Terminal 2 car parkTerminal 2 car parkTerminal 2 car park and Garden parking
Terminal 3Terminal 3 car parkTerminal 3 car parkTerminal 2 car park and Garden parking
View this airport map to see the locations of each car park.
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Car park rates

Refer to the table above (‘Where do I park?’) to find out which car park you should use, and then calculate your car parking rates in UAE Dirhams (AED) based on duration below.
Short Term
DurationTerminal 1 and Terminal 3 Car ParkTerminal 2 and Garden Parking Car Park
0-30 mins105
30 – 60 mins2010
Each additional hour105
24 hours240120
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Valet Parking

Valet parking is the ultimate time-saver. Simply pull up to the curbside next to Departures in front of Terminals 1 and 3 (the terminals are adjacent to each other). No bookings are needed.

Rate: AED 75 for the first hour and for every additional hour or part of an hour.

To find out more, please call +971 55 9451 573.