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Check your flight departure time and whether it has been delayed if you are flying from Abu Dhabi or in transit. This allows you to plan your time to Shop, Dine and Unwind at the airport.

The flights listed below are the most recent and the list is updated regularly. If you don’t see the flight you’re looking for here, click ‘Refresh’.  Otherwise, enter the flight number, origin or airline and select ‘Search Flights’. To receive SMS or Email flight status updates, select the ‘track’ button next to your flight.
Current time in Abu Dhabi is 5:44 AM last updated at 5:43 AM
  • Yesterday (24 Feb)
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Departure timeEst. timeDestinationFlightno.AirlineTerm.StatusTrack  
04:45Abu DhabiEY424NEtihad Airways   
07:15Amman Queen AliaRJ623Royal JordanianT12018/02/25 07:15 GMT+04:00|RJ6232018/02/25 07:15 GMT+04:00|RJ623
07:50BahrainGF541Gulf AirT1Check-in Open2018/02/25 07:50 GMT+04:00|GF5412018/02/25 07:50 GMT+04:00|GF541
08:00London HeathrowEY019Etihad AirwaysT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|EY0192018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|EY019
08:00London HeathrowHM5010Air SeychellesT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|HM50102018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|HM5010
08:00London HeathrowAV2413T3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|AV24132018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|AV2413
08:00London HeathrowAC6673Air CanadaT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|AC66732018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|AC6673
08:00London HeathrowGA9126T3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|GA91262018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|GA9126
08:00London HeathrowKM2132Air MaltaT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|KM21322018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|KM2132
08:00London HeathrowSK8219T3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|SK82192018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|SK8219
08:00London HeathrowTP6903TAP PortugalT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|TP69032018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|TP6903
08:00London HeathrowNZ4299Air New ZealandT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|NZ42992018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|NZ4299
08:00London HeathrowVA7019Virgin AustraliaT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|VA70192018/02/25 08:00 GMT+04:00|VA7019
08:15KuwaitEY301Etihad AirwaysT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|EY3012018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|EY301
08:15KuwaitMH5273Malaysia AirlinesT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|MH52732018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|MH5273
08:15KuwaitJU8608Air SerbiaT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|JU86082018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|JU8608
08:15KuwaitAZ5786AlitaliaT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|AZ57862018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|AZ5786
08:15KuwaitHM5218Air SeychellesT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|HM52182018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|HM5218
08:15KuwaitVA7009Virgin AustraliaT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|VA70092018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|VA7009
08:15Ho Chi Minh CityEY441Etihad AirwaysT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|EY4412018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|EY441
08:15Ho Chi Minh CityVN3273Vietnam AirlinesT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|VN32732018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|VN3273
08:15Ho Chi Minh CityHM5348Air SeychellesT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|HM53482018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|HM5348
08:15Ho Chi Minh CityAZ5686AlitaliaT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|AZ56862018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|AZ5686
08:15Ho Chi Minh CityB2341Belavia Belarusian AirlinesT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|B23412018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|B2341
08:15Ho Chi Minh CityJU8462Air SerbiaT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|JU84622018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|JU8462
08:15Ho Chi Minh CityXY3441flynasT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|XY34412018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|XY3441
08:15ChengduEY818Etihad AirwaysT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|EY8182018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|EY818
08:15ChengduAZ5765AlitaliaT3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|AZ57652018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|AZ5765
08:15ChengduCZ4735T3Check-in Open2018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|CZ47352018/02/25 08:15 GMT+04:00|CZ4735

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+971 (0)2 57 57 500.


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