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Before you leave to pick up an arriving passenger from the airport, it is handy to find out whether their flight is arriving on schedule or will be delayed.

The flights listed below are the most recent and the list is updated regularly. If you don’t see the flight you’re looking for here, click ‘Refresh’. Otherwise, enter the flight number, origin or airline and select ‘Search Flights’. To receive SMS or Email flight status updates, select the ‘track’ button next to your flight.
Current time in Abu Dhabi is 3:31 AM last updated at 3:29 AM
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Arrival timeEst. timeOriginFlightno.AirlineTerm.StatusTrack  
02:50Amman Queen AliaRJ622Royal JordanianT1Bags Arriving   
02:56Abu DhabiEY613Etihad AirwaysT1   
02:56Abu DhabiAT9283Royal Air MarocT1   
02:56Abu DhabiHM5400Air SeychellesT1   
02:56Abu DhabiXY3613flynasT1   
03:15MuscatWY637Oman AirT1Bags Arriving   
03:15MuscatEY5203Etihad AirwaysT1Bags Arriving   
03:3002:45Kozhikode6E1732T1Bags Arriving   
03:35BahrainGF540Gulf AirT1Approaching2018/12/10 03:35 GMT+04:00|GF5402018/12/10 03:35 GMT+04:00|GF540
04:05CairoMS916Egypt AirT12018/12/10 04:05 GMT+04:00|MS9162018/12/10 04:05 GMT+04:00|MS916
04:05CairoEY4904Etihad AirwaysT12018/12/10 04:05 GMT+04:00|EY49042018/12/10 04:05 GMT+04:00|EY4904
04:2005:05ManilaEY421Etihad AirwaysT1Delayed2018/12/10 04:20 GMT+04:00|EY4212018/12/10 04:20 GMT+04:00|EY421
04:2005:05ManilaAZ5764AlitaliaT1Delayed2018/12/10 04:20 GMT+04:00|AZ57642018/12/10 04:20 GMT+04:00|AZ5764
04:2005:05ManilaPR1421Philippine AirlinesT1Delayed2018/12/10 04:20 GMT+04:00|PR14212018/12/10 04:20 GMT+04:00|PR1421
05:3005:15SydneyEY455Etihad AirwaysT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|EY4552018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|EY455
05:3005:15SydneyEI8055Aer LingusT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|EI80552018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|EI8055
05:3005:15SydneyVA7093Virgin AustraliaT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|VA70932018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|VA7093
05:3005:15SydneyWY5405Oman AirT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|WY54052018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|WY5405
05:3005:15SydneyS74606Siberian AirlinesT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|S746062018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|S74606
05:3005:15SydneyNZ4255Air New ZealandT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|NZ42552018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|NZ4255
05:3005:15SydneyKL3939KLMT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|KL39392018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|KL3939
05:3005:15SydneyAZ3925AlitaliaT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|AZ39252018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|AZ3925
05:3005:15SydneyUX3824Air Europa Lineas AereasT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|UX38242018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|UX3824
05:3005:15SydneyAF3821Air FranceT32018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|AF38212018/12/10 05:30 GMT+04:00|AF3821
05:35MelbourneEY461Etihad AirwaysT32018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|EY4612018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|EY461
05:35MelbourneEI8061Aer LingusT32018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|EI80612018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|EI8061
05:35MelbourneVA7095Virgin AustraliaT32018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|VA70952018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|VA7095
05:35MelbourneKQ5505T32018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|KQ55052018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|KQ5505
05:35MelbourneWY5461Oman AirT32018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|WY54612018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|WY5461
05:35MelbourneNZ4261Air New ZealandT32018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|NZ42612018/12/10 05:35 GMT+04:00|NZ4261

Should you require more specific information, please contact Abu Dhabi International Airport on
+971 (0)2 57 57 500.


Abu Dhabi Airports does not verify the accuracy or completeness of this flight information and disclaims any implied warranties with regard to it and shall have no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of relying on flight information on this website which may prove to be inaccurate or incomplete. If you require further information, it is recommended that you contact your airline directly.