COVID-19 Latest Updates - read more
COVID-19 Latest Updates - read more

Important Announcement

Dear Travelers,

As per the directives of the UAE government, we would like to inform you that all passenger flights to, from and through AUH will be temporarily suspended starting March 24 at 23:59 UAE time for two weeks except cargo and evacuation flights.

Travel in Style

VIP Terminal

VIP Terminal Facilities

Relax in regal privacy

Each one of the VIP Terminal’s seven Royal Majlis lounges provides state-of-the-art entertainment systems, library facilities, internet access and the services of a discreet and meticulous staff ready to take orders for food and beverages at the push the call button.

Revitalize in luxury

The VIP Terminal features luxuriously equipped washrooms with rain showers, beautiful mosaics, thick, opulent towels, fine toiletries and everything else necessary to restore a traveller’s vitality.

Fine Dining

Delicious snacks and canapés are available, as well as the delights of the à la carte menu.

Everything is freshly prepared using the finest ingredients and served in the comfort of a Royal Majlis lounge.

Orders can be placed at the push of a button.


Visitors are welcomed with a taste of our Arabic coffee and dates.

Thereafter there is a wide choice of various beverages - hot and cold, tea or coffee or freshly squeezed juices to suit individual tastes.

Business Facilities

The VIP Terminal offers some of the best business facilities and within the luxury of personal space in a Royal Majlis.

There is all the connectivity needed to send business e-mails or to keep up with family and friends.


Each Royal Majlis is equipped with a state-of-the-art audiovisual system offering a vast choice of movies, television programmes and sports.

The written word is equally abundant with the latest editions of newspapers and magazines.

Smokers Lounge

Guests who enjoy the pleasures of tobacco are welcome to drop in at the Smokers’ Lounge. It is a bright, well-ventilated space where the air is continuously refreshed.

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