Waiting tips for you

Things To Do

Less than 4 hours

We value your time spent at Abu Dhabi International Airport. If you have to wait for less than 4 hours between flights, we offer various services and facilities for you to relax and refresh.

Will I need a UAE visa?

You will not require a UAE transit visa if you are staying in the airport for a period of four hours or less.

What can I do?

  • Relax in a reclining seat designed specifically for your comfort during transit hours.
  • Take a refreshing shower, watch TV or enjoy 5-star food at the Al Reem Lounge or Al Dhabi Lounge, even if you are not flying First or Business Class. Find out about what these lounges offer and their reasonable walk-in rates.
  • Check in to the Airport Hotel and catch up on lost sleep.
  • Browse a wide selection of international and Middle Eastern brands at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3’s world class Duty Free shops.
  • Buy your favourite magazine, newspaper or book and relax in a café. Browse our bookshops and restaurants here.
  • Enjoy the free WiFi connection available anywhere in the airport or make use of the free Internet kiosks.