Click here to explore our guide to travelling safely through our airport at this time
Click here to explore our guide to travelling safely through our airport at this time

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all of our lounges are wheelchair accessible.

Yes, all of our lounges have showers which can be used at no extra charge.

There are no less than eight world class lounges at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Whether you are looking for somewhere comfortable to unwind before your flight, take a refreshing shower or need to catch up on business, there are plenty of options - regardless of your airline, class of travel or the terminal you’re flying from.

If you are flying First or Business Class, you will receive a lounge invitation upon check-in. If you’re flying Economy Class, you can still access any of the lounges at competitive rates.

Most of the airport lounges offer PCs, laptops, internet and wireless connections and fax machines.

Wherever you are in Abu Dhabi International Airport, there is a free wireless internet (WiFi) connection available. To connect to the network, follow these simple steps:

  1. Search for wireless network from your device or laptop
  2. Connect to the network named “ADAC Free Wireless”
  3. Once the ADAC welcome box appears, click “ACCEPT”.
  4. You will be redirected to Abu Dhabi International Airport’s website landing page.
  5. You now have internet access. Enjoy!
Etihad Airways Diamond First and Pearl Business Class passengers can enjoy the world-renowned Six Senses Spa. A range of calming, luxurious spa treatments designed to enhance the wellbeing of the traveller is just what you need to relax and rejuvenate before or after your journey.

Abu Dhabi International Airport advises that you arrive two to 3 hours before the departure time indicated on your air ticket, although you should always check your airline’s website or contact them directly to confirm as this time varies from airline to airline.

First Class, Business Class and private chartered flight passengers may have special time allowances before a flight, and passengers who have checked in online will need even less time at the airport. Please confirm with your airline.