Click here to explore our guide to travelling safely through our airport at this time
Click here to explore our guide to travelling safely through our airport at this time

Welcome to AUH, Welcome to Wellness

In our efforts to offer the best possible airport experience, we have taken new steps to ensure our passengers’ comfort, not just in their sense of safety, but in their overall wellbeing.



With Abu Dhabi Airport’s new ‘WellnessAUH’ initiative, we are looking at passenger wellbeing in a truly holistic fashion. From new products to special staff; innovative services to immersive sensory experiences, passengers are given total peace of mind at a time when they need it most.

Here’s how we are ensuring passenger wellness:

Wellness as a service

To ensure all our passengers are receiving the care and consideration they deserve, our Wellness Ambassadors are available 24/7 to cater to any questions, queries and needs that our passengers may have.

A touch-free airport experience

To limit our passengers’ contact with the airport, we’ve introduced touch-free elevator technology as well as a specific mobile experience that frees up passengers to navigate the space on their terms.

A crowd-controlled airport environment

With the help of thermal imaging cameras and our AUH WiFi data, crowds can be easily identified and dispersed to ensure the safety of our passengers.

Yet our commitment to wellness does not end there: we will be introducing more initiatives soon, including:

Food and shopping on the go

With the launch of our grab-and-go offering, we will give passengers the ability to select, pay for and collect their items on the move.

Wellness scents, sights and sounds

To ensure that passengers feel relaxed, we are exploring how to make the airport feel more spacious and serene, with relaxing ambient background audio and scents that promote a sense of enhanced well-being.

And all this is just the beginning. While we have always prided ourselves on a seamless travel experience, this reimagining of the airport space puts our passengers’ wellness at the forefront – creating an even more intuitive, sensorial and soothing setting to help ease them back into travel in true comfort.

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