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Notification Services Terms

These terms and conditions are supplemental to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which, read together, govern your use of our SMS message and email notification service providing you with available public information relating to the departure of your flight(s) (Flight Information) and retail offers (together the Notification Services).

  1. The Notification Services shall be supplied from the date on which you have registered to subscribe to the Notification Services and shall continue to be supplied until you cancel your subscription. 
  2. SMS Notifications can only be sent to mobile numbers registered with mobile network providers in the United Arab Emirates.
  3. We shall use reasonable endeavours to ensure the timely supply of the Notification Services.
  4. The provision of the Notification Services is reliant upon the provision of mobile networks by mobile network providers which may be adversely affected by interference and or the network coverage of your mobile network.
  5. The Flight Information is provided for guidance purposes only and you are advised to also consult standard flight information services provided by the airlines.
  6. We make no warranty, express or implied as to the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the Flight Information or any retail offer.
  7. We shall not make any charge for the provision of the Notification Services. In no circumstances will we be liable for any charges made to you by your network provider in connection with your use of the Notification Services.
  8. We shall not be liable to you or any other person for any costs, charges or losses you or they may incur arising directly or indirectly from the use of, or inability to use the Notification Services for any reason.
  9. By subscribing to the Notification Services you agree that you:
    1. will provide us with accurate and up to date information relating to your intended flight
    2. provide us with your own mobile phone number and email address and not somebody else’s;
    3. ensure that the mobile phone, to which Flight Information and Retail Offers will be sent is capable of receiving SMS information; and
    4. consent to receive SMS messages and/or email messages from us some of which may contain marketing content relating to the Notification Services or other services provided by us or otherwise available at Abu Dhabi International Airport

The Notification Services are being provided on the basis that you have complied with your obligations detailed above.