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abudhabiairport.ae is Mobile

Now you can customise your airport experience according to your personal flight details via your handheld smart phone.

As a passenger on the move, it is now easier than ever before for you to access useful information about your flight and optimise your time at the airport.

Through our new mobile website, you can receive personalised information that will save you time and allow you to better plan your airport experience.

What can I do via the mobile site?

  • Sign up to receive direct SMS or email alerts about any flight schedule changes
  • Learn which terminal you are flying from
  • Find the duty free shops, restaurants and airport lounges nearest you in your terminal
  • Quickly locate an available parking space
  • Access location maps to the airport and car parks
  • Get information about the services and facilities available to you
  • Receive announcements and airport news.

What makes this website different?
Abu Dhabi International Airport is the first airport in the region to offer a mobile platform using advanced HTML 5.0 technology, meaning you’ll enjoy a clean, user-friendly design, ease of browsing, and a richer, more intuitive experience in general.

How do I access the mobile website?
Simply visit www.abudhabiairport.ae from your mobile device. The site is automatically accessible from any smart phone.

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